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Just finished this little guy up..  Yoshi Tie Bar

Cardigan and tie from J Crew. Shirt from Club Monaco. Tie Clip from the Tie Bar.

Tighty up the tie clip, bring out the pocket square a little more and this suit would be amazing.

Saturday Style: The Tie Bar
This is a really small Saturday Style post… Just got back from a party so I’ll keep it short! Next week will be the official first post.
Gentlemen, if you’re having trouble adding that ZING to your outfit, remember that it’s all in the details. In more conservative men’s fashion we don’t get big statement pieces like the girls, so we have to show off our style in subtle ways. A simple tie bar can be an amazing addition that will take your style to the next level(assuming everything else is looking sharp).
With a variety of choices, it will add a mark of your personality to your look - not to mention it will keep that tie out of the fondue pot. Take for example the one below:

Skull Tie Bar from Ralph Lauren’s Rugby Collection (img via
Definitely something that will spice up that boring suit and give it an edge. Below is a wider shot of how a tie bar looks. This is just a simple silver bar, but it polishes off the chest area where most of the attention is.

(img via
Be warned that it is not suitable for looks without a jacket. For more casual looks such as those, the bar will draw too much attention and look out of place. There are always exceptions, but this is a good general rule to follow. 

An example of the above mentioned warning. Although the novelty aspect balances it! (img via
How do you wear a tie bar? Very simple. Simply clip onto the tie and the flap of your dress shirt. The location should be above, below or just in the general vicinity of where the top of your breast pocket would usually be. A lot of times tie bars may come with chain clips that attach to a button(simply slip it over the button).
An alternative is the Tie Chain, which serves a similar function, but is instead a chain that sits across your tie rather than a bar. It was popular back in the 40s and 50s with zoot-suits and the such. Not very popular, but can definitely look great along with other chain accents!
So, moral of the story: grab a tie bar. The amount of compliments vs. amount of effort is well worth it.
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Nothing better than shopping for man gifts. This year’s was an engraved tie bar from In God We Trust; I recommend them for all kinds of little things/gifts, men + women.

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